Struempf for Wyoming House District #46

Struempf.Struempf for Wyoming House

My name is Dr. Lawrence Struempf, and I am Albany County’s Democratic candidate for Wyoming House Seat #46.

I believe in hard work and science. I believe in our individual freedoms and liberties.

I was raised on a cattle ranch in Fremont County where we grew alfalfa hay and raised cattle.

I was very active in 4-H and FFA. I attended the University of Wyoming, where I drove semi-trucks and managed a Mini Mart to help pay my way through college. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Management, and a Doctorate of Instructional Technology.

I have experienced a variety of careers.

I grew up working the ranch, irrigating, cutting and bailing hay, branding and tending cattle and horses, and fixing everything that needed fixed. I worked construction, operated heavy equipment, and drove semis. I took a break from college to manage a Mini-Mart. After earning my Bachelors, I worked as a Network/Systems Engineer and Project manager. I started up and managed my own corporation "Rocky Mountain Information Systems", setting up and repairing networks, servers, and related computer information systems. I have also worked as a college professor for over 18 years, teaching business, computers, and management. 

For over 16 years I have been an active leader in the community.

I have presided over and chaired many clubs, foundations, committees, and boards. I served as president and lieutenant governor of the Kiwanis club, and the president and assistant governor of the Rotary club. I am a strong team leader and project manager, enabling me to effectively communicate with people who opposing ideas, working together to build a consensus.

With my experience in agriculture, technology, and education, I will be a quality leader for the great state of Wyoming, enhancing its economy while maintaining its beauty. I will work hard to address every bill and problem that needs to be addressed, with care and due diligence.

I am running to work for the people and with the people of this great state, to solve the problems that come before me while proactively working to improve Wyoming’s economy, key initiatives. I want to remind everyone that we have more than two parties and more than two choices. I want to standup for what is right and good for the people of Wyoming, rather than a party line.

I would like to be your next House representative of Wyoming's district #46 for the following reasons.

  1. To work hard and honestly for the citizens of Albany County and Wyoming.
  2. I want to help protect your rights and freedoms; the right to a quality education; the right to quality health care; the right to have access to public lands.
  3. I want to protect and improve Wyoming's public education system; to protect the quality of the teachers and the schools for the sake of the students.
  4. I want to help improve the economy by protecting current industries as well as exploring new markets and opportunities.
  5. I want to promote the application of higher social, business, and professional standards.
  6. I want to develop by precept and example, a more intelligent and serviceable citizenship.
  7. I want to put service above self and build goodwill with all Wyoming citizens for a strong and healthier state.

I have strong core values and Wyoming pride.

  1. Be honest and work hard for the citizens of Wyoming and the United States of America.
  2. I will to put service above self and build goodwill with all Americans for a strong and healthier country.
  3. I will work to create and maintain that sound public opinion which make possible the increase of justice, patriotism, and goodwill.

I am an honest man and a hardworking man just like my father was before me. I am a good father, an active member of the community, and a good citizen of the United States of America. I believe in each person’s right to personal beliefs in a divine creator. I believe if we all work hard, we can make the world better for our children.

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